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We are almost ready to go live with our exciting new venture, the Jurassic Coast Card!

For just £24, people will purchase a membership card that gives them a year's subscription to exclusive offers on all the best days out, food and drink, services and shopping the Jurassic Coast has to offer. Visitors can purchase a card for just £10, which will entitle them to all the same benefits whilst on holiday, valid for a whole month.


Customers benefit from great deals on days out, food + drink, services and trades, with an easily searchable website full of ideas and offers.

Discover new places, try new products, and support your local area.

Annual cards can be purchased online, with monthly passes being purchased in local TICs, tourist attractions or holiday complexes.

Jurassic Coast Card


Businesses benefit from being part of a Jurassic Coastwide network, with increased customer awareness, loyalty and out-of-season trade. It's free to join, with free marketing and publicity, and with total control over their offers, they can target the areas of their business which would benefit them most.

If you are a business with something great to share, why not get in touch and be part of something bigger? Contact us now to get started: